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Everybody in Southern California loves glamour and luxury, and glamour and luxury are synonymous with Mercedes-Benz.  From red carpet after parties to the mansions of Beverly Hills, you can tell that someone is a big deal if they drive up in a new Mercedes.  Even the most basic models of Mercedes-Benz are not cheap; this is because of their excellent engineering, which enables the cars to work well for many years without needing anything more than routine maintenance.  Mercedes-Benz is also known for providing excellent service at its dealerships when its cars need maintenance and repairs.  If your Benz is having persistent problems, though, it might be a lemon, and you might need a Los Angeles lemon lawyer.

Even a New Mercedes Can Be a Lemon

Mercedes is so cool that its vehicle models don’t even need names in order to be recognizable.  Most of them are just known by alphanumeric codes.  People in the know can recognize an E class, C class, or GLC from a distance before they are even close enough to read the letters above the rear bumper.  Most Mercedes-Benz vehicles sold in the United States are cars and SUVs, but the company also makes trucks and buses in Europe and Asia.

No matter what kind of Mercedes you have, it will probably work well for at least the first few years, and if it doesn’t, you can get it repaired under the manufacturer’s warranty.  These are some of the most common problems that Southern California Mercedes-Benz vehicle owners report about their new Mercedes cars:

·   Rust behind the license plate or at the bottom of the doors

·   Engine mounts leaking oil, causing vibration of the seats and steering wheel and inside the cabin

·   Failure of suspension, sway bar link and control arm bushings

·   Defective window regulators

·   Failure of air suspension bags and suspension air compressors

·   Clogged catalytic converters

·   Problems with the 13-pin connector and valve body of the transmission

These problems can cost a lot to fix, but if your car still has its manufacturer’s warranty, then you will not need to pay for the repairs.  If the problem keeps coming back, even after you take it to the dealership for repairs several times, then California’s Lemon Law is your best hope.  If you suspect that your shiny new Benz is a lemon, it is a good time to contact an Orange County lemon law attorney.

How Does California’s Lemon Law Protect You If Your New Benz Is Defective?

Federal law requires each state to provide remedies to consumers who purchase cars and soon find out that the car has a manufacturer’s defect.  Every state is required to have lemon laws, but these laws vary from one state to another.  Therefore, you have recourse to California’s Lemon Law if you bought your car in California, and it started to exhibit serious problems while it was still under the manufacturer’s warranty.  If you are active-duty military, you can file a Lemon Law claim in California even if you bought the defective vehicle in another state.  You are eligible to file a Lemon Law claim as long as your car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, whether you bought it new or certified pre-owned.

California’s Lemon Law requires the car manufacturer to compensate you if your car is under the manufacturer’s warranty and has at least one of the following serious issues:

·   A manufacturer’s defect that is likely to cause an accident resulting in serious injury

·   You have taken the car to the dealership for repairs on at least four occasions, but the same problem keeps coming back

·   Since you bought the car, it has spent at least 30 days in the repair shop, although the 30 days do not need to be consecutive

A Lemon Lawyer Can Help You Get Your Money Back for a Defective Mercedes-Benz

If your Mercedes-Benz is a lemon, it is the responsibility of Mercedes to compensate you for it; it is not the responsibility of the individual dealership where you bought the car.  You have the choice to ask Mercedes to give you a replacement vehicle or to refund you the purchase price of your lemon.  The usual way of settling Lemon Law claims is through arbitration, but it is still helpful to work with a California lemon law attorney, even if you settle the claim through arbitration instead of in court.  You are not obligated to accept the arbitration agreement and still have the right to proceed to litigation.

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