Ford Lemon Law Attorney in California

Ford is an iconic American brand that is in transition. Today, Ford Motor Company has shifted its focus from producing sedans to focus on producing SUVs and pickup trucks. Despite the popularity of Ford trucks and its remaining passenger fleet, vehicles produced by the automaker have a long history of defects. 

If you own or lease a Ford truck, car, or SUV that has experienced repeated problems that cannot be fixed, you may have a lemon on your hands. This is the time to contact the experienced California lemon law attorneys at our firm. When you consult with us, we will take the time to explain your rights and explore your legal options. 

If you have a valid lemon law claim, our legal team is well-prepared to guide you through arbitration and court proceedings. We have in-depth knowledge of the state lemon law and federal warranty law and a demonstrated record of success in lemon law claim. Rest assured, we will fight to protect your rights in and out of the courtroom. Contact us now for a consultation.

Common Ford Defects

Our firm has handled Ford lemon law claims arising from a wide range of defects, such as:

  • Engine issues – Ford trucks and cars have a history of engine defects that impact not only their reliability but safety as well because of an increased risk of engine fires
  • Transmission problems – Numerous trucks, including the flagship Ford 150, have experienced transmission defects that have resulted in recalls
  • Oil leaks – Ford models such as the Aerostar are prone to major oil leaks, increasing the risk of engine damage
  • Power steering trouble – Power steering problems are common, particularly for drivers of the Ford Falcon 
  • Handling issues – Drivers have reported difficulty handling, with passenger vehicles, veering one way and another, especially when traveling at higher speeds
  • Spark plug issues – The Ford Explorer and other models are prone to spark plug defects
  • Air conditioning defects – Air conditioning and ventilation systems have failed in vehicles like the Ford Edge SE, which pose a serious problem when driving in a high-temperature environment
  • Bodywork issues – Drivers have complained about rust, metal changes, peeling paint, and other bodywork damage in several makes and models
  • Exhaust problems – Ford vehicles are prone to exhaust and tailpipe defects, resulting in excessive exhaust noise

Regardless of the defect, we have the skills and experience to handle your lemon law claim. 

How Our Ford Lemon Law Attorneys Can Help

Lemon law claims are complicated; not every vehicle defect makes a car a lemon. To have a valid claim, the defect must substantially impair the performance, safety, or value of your Ford. Also, the dealer must be given a reasonable number of attempts to repair the vehicle, which can be as few as one for safety defects or up to 3 for defects that impact the performance or value of the vehicle. In any event, it is crucial to keep all repair invoices and maintain records of all communications with the dealer. This will help to substantiate your lemon law claim. 

Let our legal team handle all the details of your claim, including:

  • Reviewing your vehicle’s repair history
  • Collecting evidence – the sales contract or lease agreement, manufacturer’s warranty, repair bills
  • Handling all communications with the automaker, dealer, and opposing counsel
  • Negotiating a settlement through the arbitration process 
  • Filing a lemon law lawsuit in state court if necessary

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While many lemon law claims can be settled, we are always ready to litigate to achieve the best possible outcome — having Ford buy back or replace your vehicle. If we can demonstrate that Ford or the dealer knowingly violated the state lemon law, you may also be entitled to civil damages. Finally, the lemon law allows you to recover California lemon law attorneys fees and costs if you win. Contact our firm now for a no-cost consultation at (818-514-7823)..