Chevrolet Lemon Law Attorney in California

Chevrolet vehicles are an integral part of California nostalgia; if ever the Beach Boys harmonized about a car without naming its make, in your mind’s eye, it is some sort of candy-colored Chevy.  Some Chevrolet cars have remained on the road consistently, only making occasional pit stops for repairs, since the days when Technicolor first lit up Elvis Presley’s blue eyes on the silver screen.  When you buy a Chevrolet, you can trust that it will work well for years to come, but what if it doesn’t?  If your Chevrolet starts having severe problems while it is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, then you have recourse to the California Lemon Law.  The San Diego lemon law lawyers at 911 Lemon can help you exercise your rights and get compensation for financial losses resulting from a defective Chevy.

Chevrolet Vehicles Are Great, Except When They Aren’t

Some Chevrolet models have remained popular for many years; perhaps you are even considering buying one of them now.  Whether your Chevy is a car such as a Malibu, Camaro, or Corvette or a larger vehicle like a Silverado, Equinox, Suburban, or Trailblazer, you most likely bought it with high hopes.  Unfortunately, there is a chance that your Chevy can start acting up even while it is still new.  These are some of the most commonly reported problems with Chevrolet vehicles:

·   Excessive oil consumption, leading to timing chain wear, bent pushrods, and flooded spark plugs

·   Defective headlamp module, leading to failure of low beam headlights

·   Defective accelerator pedal sensor, leading to reduced ability to accelerate

·   Oil monitoring system not warning drivers about the oil levels until they are dangerously low

·   Failure of power steering

·   Fires in electric vehicles

·   Faulty fuse block connections that cause the engine to stall

·   Cracked or warped wheels

If your Chevrolet is still under the manufacturer’s warranty when these problems arise, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to pay for repairs.  If the problems can’t be fixed, then the car is a lemon.

Is It a Sweet Yellow Camaro or a Sour Lemon?

All cars need repairs sooner or later, but there is a reason that manufacturers typically only offer warranties for a year or two; most vehicles do not start having problems that are costly to fix until much later.  If your Chevrolet starts showing signs of a serious issue while it is still under warranty from the manufacturer, it may count as a lemon, covered under federal and state lemon laws.  Your car is a lemon if one of the following statements applies to it before the manufacturer’s warranty expires:

·   The defect is so severe that it causes a serious risk of an injury accident, for example, if the brakes do not function or the headlights do not turn on

·   You have taken the car to the repair shop at least four different times since you bought it

·   The car has spent at least 30 days in the repair shop since you bought it

In other words, you must show that the problems persist even after you have made reasonable attempts to fix the car.  Lemon laws apply to all cars new enough that they are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, whether you are the car’s first owner or bought it certified pre-owned.

Can You Get Your Money Back for a Defective Chevy?

If your new Chevy still isn’t working after several trips to the dealership to get it repaired, you have a lemon on your hands, and you can invoke California’s lemon law lawyer.  This law protects consumers who buy cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, vans, and motorhomes that begin to exhibit manufacturers’ defects while they are still under warranty.  The Lemon Law lets you choose whether you want the car manufacturer to refund you the purchase price of the vehicle or give you a replacement vehicle of the same make and model.

Most Lemon Law cases get resolved during arbitration, where you meet with representatives of Chevrolet outside of court.  If you are not content with the amount of money offered in the arbitration agreement, you also have the right to bring the dispute to court. You are more likely to get a satisfactory outcome in your case if you hire an Orange County lemon lawyer before going to arbitration.

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