How Long Does a California Lemon Law Claim Take?

The Lemon Lawyers in Glendale know that when consumers pursue a lemon law claim in California on their own, they may be met with resistance from the manufacturer. When manufacturers push back, they do so by requiring the consumer to provide excessive supporting documentation to prove their claim before they even review it.

This can make the lemon law process seem futile.

With, our Los Angeles County lemon law attorneys take these cases to help consumers pursue results, starting with a free consultation.

How Long Will My California Lemon Law Claim Take?

The honest answer to how long your California lemon law claim will take to produce a solution is, it depends.

Once we review your claim during a free consultation, we will confirm whether you have a legitimate claim.

Next, we will outline your legal remedies and submit the options to the manufacturer while stating that you — the consumer — have lost faith and reliability in the vehicle.

The manufacturer then has 30 days to respond to our claim.

Typically, a cash settlement offer or buyback follows in as little as 60 to 90 days.

Since all California lemon law claims are unique, some may produce results faster than others, and some may require our skilled attorneys to take our client’s case to court to litigate the best outcome.

No matter how our California lemon lawyers pursue your claim, we will work tireless to produce results quickly and effectively, so you can put the defective vehicle and the harm it has caused behind you.

What Are the California Lemon Law’s Legal Remedies?

Your lemon law claim is unique, which means you may pursue a different outcome than another one of our clients.

That may include:

  • An offer to repurchase the vehicle or provide a new replacement vehicle
  • An offer of a negotiated cash settlement to compensate the vehicle owner for the trouble the defective vehicle has caused

Our California lemon lawyers will keep you updated during each phase of your claim, so you know where it stands and what to expect as it is happening.

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Consumers who are successful in proving their lemon law claims will have all their legal fees paid directly by the manufacturer. That means it costs you nothing to partner with The Lemon Lawyers today. Call us now to learn more about your legal rights and options to pursue the manufacturer for your vehicle trouble, so you can move forward with confidence.