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The traffic is notoriously bad in Southern California, and especially in Santa Ana, which is the most densely populated city in Southern California and the fourth-most densely populated city in the United States.  Therefore, the chances of a collision messing up your new rugged GMC truck or sun-kissed Chevy Malibu are higher in Santa Ana than they are in most places, but sometimes fender benders are not what ruins the fun of driving a new car.  Occasionally, new or newly purchased certified pre-owned cars come with manufacturers’ defects, and these defects start to cause trouble while your car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty.  California’s Lemon Law prevents manufacturers’ defects in new cars from wrecking your finances, but vehicle manufacturers do not always make it easy for consumers to exercise their rights.  To avoid unnecessary delays and hassles with your California Lemon Law claim, contact the Santa Ana Lemon Law Attorneys at 911 Lemon.

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Being without transportation for a few days because your car is in the shop is always an annoyance, but if your car is so new that it still has a warranty from the manufacturer, at least you do not have to worry about paying for repairs.  How much is too much, though, when it comes to repairs and maintenance on a new car?  If you have to keep repairing your car even though it is still new, can’t you just trade it in for a different car? 

According to California’s Lemon Law, you can trade in a new car that has a manufacturer’s defect, and the manufacturer must refund you the purchase price of the car or give you a replacement car of the same make and model.  These are the requirements of California’s Lemon Law:

·   The law applies to cars, SUVS, vans, pickup trucks, and some motorhomes.

·   You can file a Lemon Law claim if you bought your car in California or if you are active-duty military and bought your vehicle in another state.

·   All vehicles that are still under manufacturer’s warranty are covered under the Lemon Law, whether they are new or certified pre-owned.

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The legal definition of a lemon is a vehicle with manufacturer defects so serious that they begin to cause the car to malfunction while it is still under the manufacturer’s warranty.  You cannot pursue a Lemon Law claim until you have made “reasonable attempts” to repair the car.  While the law does not specifically define what counts as a reasonable attempt, your chances of success with a Lemon Law claim are greatest if you have taken the vehicle to the repair shop on at least four different occasions and if it has spent a total of 30 days, not necessarily consecutive, in the repair shop.  If the defect presents an immediate danger of causing an accident that would result in serious injury, you can get your Lemon Law case started even sooner.  Even if this is your first time taking the car in for repairs, it is not too soon to contact a Santa Ana Lemon Law attorney about the best way to proceed with your claim.

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The California Lemon Law gives buyers the option of getting a replacement vehicle or a refund for the car they bought.  While one solution may be preferable to the other in your situation, neither one is a panacea.  If you ask for a replacement vehicle, it must be of an identical make and model to the lemon you are trading in.  Therefore, you should not choose this option unless you are sure that you like this model of car.

If you ask for a refund of the purchase price, the manufacturer will only give you the basic purchase price of the model of vehicle you bought.  If you added any upgrades to it before or after purchase, you will not get a refund on those.

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It is possible to go through the process of getting a refund for your lemon or a replacement vehicle without hiring an attorney, but it is not easy.  Customer service departments give you the runaround and keep transferring you to different representatives, each with a longer hold time than the last, in the hopes that you will give up on getting your money back.  Likewise, some car manufacturers require you to go through arbitration to settle your Lemon Law claim.  While it may sound like arbitration is easier than going to court, arbitrators are often firmly on the car manufacturer’s side and will help the manufacturer pay you as little as possible.  A Santa Ana lemon lawyer can help resolve your claim more quickly and protect you from getting shortchanged.

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