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Whether your family has lived in San Diego for generations or if the military has stationed you here or you just decided to move here to soak up the California sunshine, everyone can agree that San Diego is a lovely place to go for a drive.  Your first drive in a new car is truly something to savor.  Most new cars afford you several years of hassle-free driving, but every so often you will encounter a car that starts giving you trouble almost as soon as you drive it away from the dealership the first time.  New cars with manufacturers’ defects are a common enough occurrence that federal law requires every state to enact a law to enable consumers to get their money back for these defective cars.  To find out more about how to get rid of a defective new car and get a refund or replacement, contact the San Diego Lemon Law attorneys at 911 Lemon.

San Diego Mercedes-Benz Lemon Lawyers

The California Lemon Law can help you in most situations where you find out that your vehicle has a manufacturers’ defect while the car’s warranty is still valid.  The San Diego lemon lawyers at 911 Lemon can help you avoid the worst financial losses if your new car is a lemon.  These are some popular models of cars for which we have helped clients resolve Lemon Law claims:

·  Jeep

·  Chevrolet

·  Ford

·  Mercedes Benz

All kinds of manufacturers’ defects make a car eligible for a Lemon Law claim, but these are some common issues for which consumers invoke the Lemon Law:

·   Brake problems

·   Issues with driver-assist technology

·   Defective suspension system

·   Engine defects that result in dramatically decreased fuel efficiency

Whether the defect makes it hazardous for your car to be on the road or whether it just makes it annoying to drive, you are not stuck with your lemon.  You can get a replacement car or get your money back, and a San Diego Lemon Law attorney can help you do this.

BMW Lemon Law Attorneys in San Diego

Just as California has some of the best citrus fruits in the country, it also has one of the nation’s best lemon laws.  These are some key facts about the California Lemon Law:

·   You can pursue a Lemon Law claim about a car, pickup truck, van, SUV, or motorhome, but not about a motorcycle or a commercial vehicle.

·   The Lemon Law applies to all vehicles that are under manufacturers’ warranty, whether they are bought or leased and whether they are new or certified pre-owned.

·   Vehicles purchased in California can be the subject of Lemon Law claims.  If you are active-duty military and you purchased your defective new vehicle in another state, you also have the right to file a Lemon Law claim in California.

Of course, there are also instances where the Lemon Law does not apply.  For example, the California Lemon Law cannot help you in the following cases:

·   The car was no longer under the manufacturer’s warranty when you bought it

·   The vehicle is a motorcycle or commercial truck

·   The damage resulted from an accident instead of from a manufacturer’s defect

GMC Lemon Lawyer Near San Diego

Lots of new cars have problems, but most of them can easily be fixed by taking the car to the dealership; since the car is still under warranty, the consumer does not have to pay for the repairs.  You cannot claim that your car is a lemon until after you have made reasonable attempts to get it repaired.  The law does not define “reasonable attempts,” but most Lemon Law claims in California involve vehicles that spent more than 30 days, consecutive or otherwise, in the repair shop or vehicles that the consumer brought in for repairs on at least four occasions before pursuing the Lemon Law claim.  To maximize your chances of success with your Lemon Law case, keep copies of all the receipts and reports you get from the dealership every time you take your car for repairs.  This way, you will have evidence that the problems with the car are due to a manufacturer’s defect and not to a collision or your own negligence.  You will also have evidence that you have made reasonable efforts to repair the car.

San Diego Chevrolet Lemon Law Attorneys

The California Lemon Law gives you the right to request a refund of the purchase price of your vehicle or to demand a replacement vehicle of the same make and model as the lemon you traded-in.  In either case, manufacturers sometimes create obstacles to you getting your money, but a San Diego lemon lawyer can help you get your money or your replacement car quickly.

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