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New cars are supposed to work well.  This is why vehicle manufacturers offer warranties, where if the car needs repairs before a certain amount of time goes by or the driver has driven the car a certain number of miles, the manufacturer will cover the cost of maintenance and repairs.  From a financial standpoint, this usually works out well for the vehicle manufacturer, because most of the time, the car does not start to need major repairs until after the warranty has expired.  In fact, one of the main factors in many car buyers’ purchasing decisions is which car they can trust to run well for a long time after it is no longer under warranty.  If the car persistently malfunctions even while the warranty is still in effect, it is a lemon.  California’s Lemon Law offers robust protections to consumers when their new cars malfunction because of manufacturer defects.  If your new car is on the fritz because of a manufacturer, contact the Riverside Lemon Law lawyers at 911 Lemon.

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Lemon is a car that looks sweet on the inside but which is sour from the beginning.  Almost every state has some kind of law indemnifying buyers from financial losses related to defective new cars because federal law requires them to enact such laws, but California’s Lemon Law is one of the best.  These are some of the reasons that California’s Lemon Law is so awesome:

·   The California Lemon Law protects buyers of cars, pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs, as well as certain components of motorhomes.

·   All vehicles that are still under manufacturer warranty are eligible for Lemon Law claims, whether the vehicle is new or certified pre-owned and whether you have bought or leased the vehicle.

·   You can file a Lemon Law claim in California if you bought your vehicle here.  California will also accept your Lemon Law claim if you are active-duty military and you bought your car in a different state.

·   In California, if your new car is a lemon, you can choose to have the manufacturer refund you the purchase price or replace the car with another one of the same make and model.

·   The responsibility for refunding or replacing your car belongs to the manufacturer, not to the dealership where you bought it.

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In order to get a replacement vehicle or to get your money back for your malfunctioning new vehicle, you must prove that the car has a manufacturer’s defect.  This means that the problem was there when you bought the car and you did not cause any damage to it.  The Lemon Law does not apply if the damage to your vehicle is the result of an accident, regardless of who was at fault for the accident.

California law considers a new or certified pre-owned car defective if its problems continue after the consumer has made reasonable attempts to repair it.  “Reasonable attempts” is a subjective term, and the law does not specifically define it.  In general, though, your Lemon Law claim has a good chance of success if your car has spent at least 30 days in the repair shop, even if not all of those days are consecutive.  Even if your car’s days in the shop add up to less than 30, your Lemon Law claim still has a good chance of success if you have taken it in for repairs at least four times in the past year.  If your car does not fit either of those criteria but you are sure it is a lemon, a Riverside lemon lawyer can help you.

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A Riverside Lemon Law attorney can help you decide whether to trade your car in for a replacement or ask for a refund.  Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.  For example, if you ask for a replacement, the only car you can get is another one of an identical make and model to your new car.  If your Benz is a lemon, you might decide that Mercedes is overrated in general and start over with a totally different kind of car.

Getting your money back is not a perfect solution, either, though.  The manufacturer will only refund you the purchase price.  That means that if you added upgrades to your car, the manufacturer will not reimburse you for those.  You will also get stuck with a mountain of debt if you have negative equity in your car.

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Sometimes you need a lawyer to help you protect your rights as a consumer.  If you need a lawyer to help you get your money back, contact the Riverside Lemon Law attorneys at The Lemon Lawyers, Inc. We also have conveniently located offices in other cities throughout Southern California. Call us at (951) 357-0391.

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