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Consumer debt is a national epidemic, and yet laws are in place to protect consumers from unscrupulous business practices.  One of these laws is the California Lemon Law, which imposes a responsibility on car manufacturers to compensate buyers whose new cars are still under warranty but come with manufacturer defects.  The law is clear about your rights under the Lemon Law: you are entitled to a refund of the purchase price of your car or to a replacement vehicle of identical make and model to the one you have returned.  Car manufacturers sometimes make it a lot harder than it has to be to get your money back after buying a lemon, though.  If your new or certified pre-owned car went bad soon after you bought it, contact the Long Beach Lemon Law attorneys at 911 Lemon to get your money back as quickly and with as little stress as possible.

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Not every new car that gives you buyers’ remorse is a lemon.  Your car is only covered under the Lemon Law if it is still under warranty from the manufacturer and only if the problems it is giving you are due to a manufacturers’ defect.  These are some highlights of the California Lemon Law:

·   The Lemon Law applies to defective cars, pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs.  You can invoke the Lemon Law for the chassis, drivetrain, or chassis cab of a motorhome, but not to other motorhome components.

·   You can invoke the Lemon Law whether your car is new or certified pre-owned, as long as it is still under manufacturers’ warranty.  You can even file a Lemon Law claim if you are leasing your vehicle and it has a manufacturer’s defect.

·   It is your choice whether you want a replacement vehicle or a refund of the purchase price.

·   You can pursue a Lemon Law claim in California if you bought your vehicle here.  You can also file a Lemon Law claim in California if you are active-duty military and you bought your vehicle in another state.

While California has one of the most generous Lemon Law policies in the country, you cannot file a Lemon Law claim if the defect started to show symptoms after the manufacturer’s warranty expired.  The Lemon Law also cannot help you if the defective vehicle is a motorcycle or a commercial truck.

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California law considers your car a lemon eligible for a replacement or a refund after you have made reasonable attempts to repair the defect or replace defective parts.  Unfortunately, the law is less clear about what counts as a reasonable attempt.  Most of the time, your Lemon Law claim is on firm footing if you have taken your car to the dealership about the same problem on at least four different occasions.  Likewise, a car that is still under the manufacturer’s warranty and is defective enough that it has spent at least 30 days in the repair shop also qualifies as a lemon, even if not all of its days in the repair shop were consecutive.  A Long Beach Lemon Law attorney can help you if the vehicle manufacturer disagrees with you about whether your vehicle is a lemon covered under the California Lemon Law.

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Getting your money back or driving away in your replacement vehicle is supposed to be simple, but car manufacturers are not known for their generosity.  Dealing with the car manufacturer’s customer service department can feel like a game of cat and mouse.  The customer service representatives might keep transferring your call around to different offices, making you wait on hold each time, and then tell your story over again from the beginning to each person who answers.  When you call, they might tell you that they only deal with Lemon Law claims over email, but then when you email, they might tell you that they only deal with Lemon Law claims over the phone.

The manufacturer might also push you to take your case to arbitration instead of filing a lawsuit in court.  Even if the manufacturer insists on arbitration, you still have a right to reject the arbitration agreement and to pursue your claim through litigation.  The Long Beach lemon lawyers have heard it all before, and we have experience settling Lemon Law cases even with the sneakiest or most stubborn vehicle manufacturers.

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It is not too soon to contact a lemon lawyer if you have just started to consider that your car might be a lemon.  It is also not too late to get a lawyer on board if you have already started the process of Lemon Law arbitration. Contact the Lemon Law Attorneys in Long Beach, California at Lemon Law Lawyers, Inc to discuss your Lemon Law case.

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