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Driving your new car in Glendale is one of life’s great pleasures.  Getting in a fender bender cannot even kill your buzz when your car is so new that it is still under warranty.  If your new car starts causing trouble right from the beginning, though, you might start to wish that you could trade it in for a new one, or you might have buyer’s remorse about buying your Trailblazer and wish that you had bought a smaller vehicle.  According to California law, you have the right to trade in your car, SUV, pickup truck, van, or motorhome for a refund from the manufacturer or an identical replacement vehicle if your vehicle has a manufacturer’s defect and is still under warranty.  Contact the Glendale Lemon Law attorneys at The Lemon Lawyers, Inc to find out more.

Glendale Lemon Law Attorneys for BMW

California’s Lemon Law requires vehicle manufacturers to compensate you if your vehicle is a lemon.  The party responsible for refunding the purchase price or replacing your vehicle is the manufacturer, whether it is BMW or another European company, or an American or Asian manufacturer.  The dealership where you bought your vehicle has no responsibility to give you a refund or a replacement car.  You get to decide whether you want a replacement vehicle or a refund of the purchase price.

You are eligible for a refund or replacement under California’s Lemon Law if you bought your car in California.  Active-duty military members who bought their cars in other states can also invoke the Lemon Law in California.

Glendale Lemon Lawyers for GMC

In ordinary speech, the word “lemon” can refer to any kind of defective car, but California’s Lemon Law refers only to new and certified pre-owned vehicles that are under manufacturer’s warranty and have a manufacturer’s defect.  You can prove that your new or certified pre-owned vehicle is a lemon if any of the following characteristics are true about it:

·   Its defect is a serious safety hazard that could result in an accident with severe injuries

·   Your car has spent at least 30 days in the repair shop, consecutive or otherwise since you bought it

·   You have brought the car to the repair shop on at least four occasions

These are all ways of showing that you have made reasonable attempts to repair the vehicle, but its problems persist.

Mercedes Lemon Law Attorneys in Glendale

Just because something goes wrong with your new Mercedes car does not automatically mean that it is a lemon.  You cannot get your money back under the Lemon Law if you did anything to cause the car to malfunction.  Likewise, a car accident where you were not at fault also does not enable you to exercise your rights under the Lemon Law.  If another driver caused an accident that damaged your car, you should file a claim with the insurance companies, not a Lemon Law claim.

If a manufacturer’s defect causes your car to crash, and you get injured in the accident, the Lemon Law might be able to help you get reimbursed for the vehicle if you had already made reasonable attempts to repair it.  The Lemon Law cannot help you win damages for medical expenses resulting from the accident, but you may be able to seek damages in a product liability lawsuit.

Chevrolet Lemon Lawyers in Southern California

To notify the car manufacturer that your Chevrolet car is a lemon and to request a refund or a replacement, the first thing to do is to contact the manufacturer’s customer service department.  If you have ever tried to get a refund of a $30 late charge on a cell phone bill or the price of a pair of shoes for which Amazon charged you double, you know how frustrating it is to deal with customer service departments.  Now imagine how many more obstacles the customer service representatives will place in front of you when you are trying to get a refund of tens of thousands of dollars for a defective car.

Instead of spending weeks going in circles with phone calls and emails to the customer service department of the car manufacturer, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by contacting a Glendale Lemon Law attorney early in the process.  Lemon lawyers know what to say and do to get results when dealing with the customer service departments at car manufacturer companies.  Likewise, the car manufacturer might try to push you to resolve your claim through arbitration, where the manufacturer has an unfair advantage.

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