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If your car is a lemon, it can put a major drain on your finances, even if it is still under warranty from the manufacturer, so you are not the one paying for the repairs.  Not all dealers are generous enough to provide a rental car while your new vehicle is in the shop.  Even if they are, having to switch back and forth between cars every time you have to take your car in for repairs takes time and effort, even when the dealer covers the costs.  When a new car causes you as much hassle as one ten times its age or with ten times its mileage, it is understandable to want to return it to the dealer and start again with a different car.  If the cause of your woes with your new car is a manufacturer defect, and if the car is new enough that it is still under warranty, then the Lemon Law is your best hope.  The Lemon Law clearly outlines your rights, but vehicle manufacturers, in an effort to save themselves as much money as possible, sometimes try to make it difficult for consumers to exercise their Lemon Law rights.  If you are in this situation, contact the Anaheim Lemon Law attorneys at 911 Lemon.

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New cars are not supposed to need frequent repairs.  This is why car manufacturers can afford to offer warranties where the manufacturer assumes responsibility for the cost of repairs within the first year or the first certain number of miles that a consumer drives the car.  California’s Lemon Law applies to cars that have a manufacturer’s defect that starts to cause trouble while the car is still under the manufacturers’ warranty.  Almost every state has its own Lemon Law, but California’s Lemon Law stands out for the flexibility it affords to consumers.

These are some of the basics of the California Lemon Law:

·   The legal definition of a lemon is a consumer vehicle that shows signs of being defective while it is still under warranty from the manufacturer.  Covered vehicles include pickup trucks, cars, vans, and SUVs.  The chassis, drivetrain, or chassis cab of a motorhome can also be eligible.  Commercial vehicles are not eligible, and neither are motorcycles.

·   You have recourse to the Lemon Law if you bought your car new or certified pre-owned, provided that the manufacturer’s warranty is still in effect.  You can even invoke the Lemon Law if you are leasing your vehicle.

·   The Lemon Law applies if you bought your car in California, regardless of your state of residence.  If you are active-duty military, you can pursue your Leon Law case in California even if you purchased your car out of state.

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If you have ever had to deal with lemon in another state, you will notice that the California Lemon Law is flexible and accommodating to consumers. It is not a freebie for everyone who is dissatisfied with their car, however.  These are some instances where the Lemon Law is not the solution to your car problems:

·   The Lemon Law does not help you if the damage to your vehicle is due to an accident unless a manufacturer’s defect in your car was the direct cause of the accident.

·   The Lemon Law only applies to cars that were under manufacturer warranty when the defect became apparent.  It does not help with older cars.

·   The Lemon Law cannot help you if your dispute is with the dealer. Lemon Law claims after between the consumer and the vehicle manufacturer.

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When you file a Lemon Law claim, you can either request a refund or a replacement vehicle; neither option gives you a windfall, however. If you ask for a refund, it is equal to the purchase price of the vehicle.  If you purchased any add-ons or upgrades, you will still be out the money you paid for those.  Likewise, if you choose to get a replacement vehicle, the manufacturer must only give you a car whose make and model are identical to the car you are replacing.  You cannot ask for a cheaper car and get the difference in cash.

When you file a Lemon Law claim, your goal is to break even, but car manufacturers may try to stop you from doing even that.  A Lemon Law attorney in Anaheim will stand up for your rights even when manufacturers try to nickel and dime you out of your money.

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